Three Pillars


We believe that until you SEE a person as a whole being, you will be unable to HEAR the person’s story as valuable and potentially informative. Community members who do not see and hear each other as persons of worth are unable to collaborate and work toward CHANGE. Fearless Dialogues bridges the gap by creating spaces to see the invisible, hear the silenced, and work for change for self and other.


In just 3 years, nearly 7,000 people around the globe have taken the 3-Feet Challenge.  The premise is simple, for three days take a few minutes to SEE the gifts of three people who pass within three-feet of you.  HEAR their story as central to your own.  Reflect on how this experience can CHANGE your life and the people around you.  The 3-Feet Challenge is designed to move individuals and communities beyond the belief that social problems are too big to be changed by a committed few.  Quite the opposite, in the words of Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Join the movement.  Take the 3-feet challenge today and tell us how it changed your life (Link to TAKE ACTION).

Fear + Less not Fear-less

It is nearly impossible to hold a hard, heartfelt conversation with an unlikely partner about a taboo subject without fear.  Therefore, we conceive “fearless” as a compound word (“fear+less”) and not as a root word and suffix (“fear -less”).  In the latter, the suffix “-less” refers to without.  However, in the compound form, “less” connotes a smaller extent.  We believe in a uniquely structured environment where fears are acknowledged, unlikely partners can take courage, fear+less and engage in hard, heartfelt conversation.  

Theoretical Foundations

The teaching philosophy, methods, and practices of Fearless Dialogues derive from years of research on human communication, rapport building, and community development.  The techniques of seeing, hearing, and changing employed in our training modules and community conversations are born out of extensive research in social psychology, constructive philosophy, sociolinguistics, solution-focused brief therapy, pastoral theology, asset-based community development, mysticism, and human-centered design. 

I may not be able to change the world... but I can change the 3-feet around me.
— Dr. Dorothy Simpson-Taylor (Aunt Dotty)