animator |ˈanɪmeɪtə|, noun

  1. one who brings conversations to life
  2. one who gives inspiration, encouragement, or renewed vigor to unlikely partners in dialogue



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What is a Fearless Dialogues Animator?

We are a team of educators, activists, healers, artists, conductors, and neighbors committed to seeing the invisible, hearing the voiceless, and creating spaces for social change.  As animators, we vitalize conversations that move unlikely community partners from fear and apathy to prophetic service.  

Animators are key players in Fearless Dialogues conversations as they help in crafting a space for open, honest dialogue. They also bear the responsibility of creating an environment that does not shrink in the face of the unknown. Finally, animators must be keenly aware of the kinds and origins of fears that are present.


Fearless Dialogues Advisors

  • Barbara Brown Taylor, Butman Professor of Religion, Piedmont College
  • Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, II, Congressional Black Caucus, Past President
  • Kenya Davis, Esq., Assistant US Attorney (DC)
  • Antoinette Ellison, Esq., Kilpatrick, Townsend, and Stockton
  • Gregory C. Ellison, Sr., CPA, Banks, Finley, White & Co., Partner
  • Delvecchio Finley, MPP, Alameda Health System, CEO
  • Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Educator, Freedom Rider and Civil Rights Activist
  • DeAmon “The Roving Listener” Harges, ABCD Guru, Broadway UMC, Indianapolis, IN
  • Elaine Justice, Emory University Media Relations, Associate Director
  • Stephen Lewis, Forum for Theological Exploration, President
  • Carlton Mackey, Emory University's Ethics & the Arts Program, Director
  • John Majors, Purpose Built Communities, Senior Community Development Advisor
  • Parker J. Palmer, Internationally-Acclaimed Writer and Educator
  • DeWayne Rogers, Rolling Out Magazine, Creative Director and Fashion Photographer
  • Rev. Toby Sanders, M.Div., Trenton Board of Education, Past President
  • Luther E. Smith, Jr. Ph.D., Emory University, Professor Emeritus of Church and Community
  • Matthew Wesley Williams, Forum for Theological Exploration, VP of Strategic Initiatives
  • Torry Winn, Esq., M.Div., Race to Equity, Strategic Partnerships and Engagement

We sit under shade trees we did not plant, and drink from wells we did not dig.
Got your seeds and your shovel?
— Willie Dub Simpson