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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you located?
    Fearless Dialogues began and is based in Atlanta, GA. Our team has led community conversations from New York to Hawaii, and from Brazil to the Bahamas, and we are just getting started. We look forward to visiting your area and seeing you soon!
  • What makes Fearless Dialogues different from leadership development, diversity training and programs designed to break through conflict, identify implicit bias and create change?
    Fearless Dialogues is about SEEING each other, not shaming and debating. Our work has taught us that all human beings can connect and nod in agreement when it comes to experiences of feeling invisible, ostracized and “cut dead”—senior citizens whose relevance is questioned, CEOs living with depression, the teenager with the perfect Facebook page, parents caring for children with special needs or aging parents behind closed doors, middle-aged employees overlooked for promotion, immigrant custodial staff, etc. The unacknowledged are all around us. With this recognition, fears lessen, and true engagement begins.
  • What model do you use for your work?
    The signature Fearless Dialogues model utilizes a unique combination of radical hospitality, interactive exercises, small-group discussion, large group reflection, and high-impact theory-based mini lectures. Recognizing the sensitivity of the subject matter and the diversity of perspectives, this fusion of teaching approaches appeals to participants across generational, cultural, educational, racial and class lines. The model also attends to the learning styles of extroverts, introverts, sensory learners, and contemplative thinkers. The Training Model is divided into three modules: see, hear and change. The first of the three modules, on seeing, seeks to aid leaders in identifying gifts in people and places hidden in plain view. The second module on hearing creates an environment where students, teachers, staff and parents develop the skill to listen deeply and to value the stories of those from seemingly different backgrounds. The final module on change concludes with a call to action, known as the 3-Feet Challenge™, which invites participants to apply practices of seeing and hearing that they have learned during the session, in their respective contexts, workplaces, homes, and the broader community.
  • How can I bring Fearless Dialogue to my organization?
    We would love to partner with you! There are three simple ways to bring Fearless Dialogues to your organization or community: If you have not already, we recommend that you read Fearless Dialogues: A New Movement for Justice. Rich with moving stories, grounded theory, and unexpected approaches to cultivating change across difference, Fearless Dialogues: A New Movement for Justice invites the reader into a powerful experience at their own pace. Participate in a Fearless Dialogues Community Conversation in your area. Contact for a list of Fearless Dialogues events that are open to the public. Invite us to animate a Fearless Dialogues event with your organization. Click on Our Programs page for more information on the models of conversations, lectures, and workshops we offer. Engage Our Services
  • How can I request Dr. Gregory C. Ellison II to speak at my event?
    Dr. Ellison works closely with Fearless Dialogues as Founder and the Lead for Research and Design. He continues to participate in community conversations as a Lead Animator on teams comprised of 2-3 members as his schedule permits. All speaking engagements that involve a keynote address, panel, etc are booked via his public speaking company GE II & Associates. Connect With Dr. Ellison 404-913-5882
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