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Based on the client’s group size and desired objective, each program can be customized in length (90 minutes to multi-year) and format (in-person or virtual).

Fearless Dialogues’ Signature Model creates spaces using theory based experiments for unlikely partners to engage in transformational conversations. For this to be so, Fearless Dialogues relies upon a radical form of hospitality capable of disrupting the fear of the unknown, the fear of strangers, the fear of plopping (conversationally, it’s just what it sounds like!), the fear of appearing ignorant, and the fear of oppressive systems.

Fearless Congregations Initiative is a multi-week workshop that supports congregations in SEEing the gifts in all individuals and the shifting values in their communities, HEARing God’s vision for whole people and whole communities, and creating CHANGE through mutual partnerships and mission.  (A Lilly funded partnership with the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church). For more information click here.

Shade Trees: An Ecosystemic Approach to Race in America is an  interactive and theory-based workshop sets a baseline for dialogue on race and racism.  The multi-week workshop  is divided into three sessions that: 1.) Engage in uncovery of hidden and repressed narratives about race and racism, 2.) Provide recovery strategies to dislodge racial trauma in the body and broader society, and 3.) Unlock the imagination for discovery of anti- racist strategies to live differently in a world ridden by racism. (A partnership with the Greater New Jersey Conference of the United Methodist Church)

The NBA HBCU Fellowship Program, is a paid 10-week summer internship that aims to provide career development opportunities in the business of basketball for undergraduate and graduate students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Fellows are selected by NBA teams and the league office to work within a variety of departments, including ticket sales, corporate partnerships, IT, social responsibility, and marketing. (A partnership with the NBA Foundation and the Childrens’ Defense Fund). For more information click here.

Calling all leaders; corporate, community, aspiring or otherwise! Questing with the Questions: A Lifelong Leadership Journey with Howard Thurman is a thought-provoking leadership development workshop that evokes deep introspection on eight key questions Thurman examined throughout his life. Learn about how your leadership and faith intersect and strengthen each other. 

The BRIDGE is an acronym standing for “Building Religious Inclusion, Diversity, and Generational Equity.” This name captures the project’s central purpose: to build bridges of connection and healing across temporal, social, and physical chasms that mark the contemporary contours of life for young adults and Christian congregations. (A Lilly-funded partnership with Candler School of Theology). For more information click here.

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