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The July 2013 verdict that found George Zimmerman not guilty of second-degree murder charges in the lethal shooting of Trayvon Martin, raised critical questions about the American legal system and the historical and systemic injustices plaguing communities of color. The outcry demanded a response from political, civic, religious and intellectual leaders. For Dr. Gregory C. Ellison II, the tensions that resulted from the Zimmerman trial pointed to a fundamental need—the need for transformative community dialogues that embrace difference, cultivate hope, and catalyze change. Days following the Zimmerman verdict, Ellison and colleagues welcomed over three hundred unlikely partners from all walks of life to Emory University for the inaugural Fearless Dialogues community conversation. A time of social tension, deep pain, and a collective desire for change birthed Fearless Dialogues.  Ten years later, this new movement for justice and social competence has gathered nearly 60,000 leaders worldwide to name difficulties, envision new possibilities, cultivate social emotional learning and work collectively toward change. Fearless Dialogues clients include Fortune 200 corporations, private and public educational institutions, professional sports teams, and leading non-profit organizations.  We invite you to join our Fearless Dialogues Shade Trees Anti-Racism Virtual 2023 Cohort.

Fearless Dialogues Shade Trees Anti-Racism Virtual 2023 Cohort

  • Six-week intensive anti-racism program

  • Seven sessions with over 20 hours of virtual content

  • Pre-session reading materials

  • Mid-program resource guides

  • Three 90-minute interactive virtual workshops covering Fearless Dialogues' signature Five Fears That Stifle Hard Conversations. These workshops are foundational to the six-week anti-racism program. 

$3500 per person

Discount pricing is available for organizations who pay for three or more participants, which reduces the cost to $2,500.00 each. Participants must pay in full by September 20, 2023. 

Image by Wren Meinberg


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